Early WISE Canada 2001-2004

Well-Informed Students Enriching (WISE) Canada requires students to make connections and develop skills in many disciplines beyond the scope of grade nine Geography and Civics. The project, developed in the summer of 2001 by Ridley College School teachers Kim A. Becken and Nicholas A. Ronald (click here), requires students to complete several interdisciplinary components throughout the course of study.

Click here to view our September 2004 presentation on Motivation and Learning. This presentation was based on an action-based research paper entitled 'Encouraging Critical and Creative Thought - Education for a Sustainable and Healthy Future' that we wrote during the 2003-2004 school year. If you would like to view this paper please contact us at wisecanada@ridleycollege.com.

We hope that the 2009-2010 revival of our WISE Canada learning initiative is every bit as successful as our initial investigation into what motivates our students to learn.

K. Becken and N. Ronald, July 2009

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