Lesson: Landsat Imagery Lab Exercise (Unit 4.4)

This lab exercise forms Component 6 of our WISE Canada Regional Overview Summative Project. You will be working with Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite imagery to enhance your understanding of the TM Spectral Bands (click here), their display and how to extract information for them. As you work through this lab be sure refer back to our Remote Sensing Fundamentals.pptx lesson (N.A. Ronald 2004-2009) to review the concepts that it covers.

Click here to download an extracted copy of the lab exercise.

Click here to download the Multispec program for Macintosh.

Click here to link to the GeoBase website in order to select and download the required imagery for this lab exercise.

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Useful Remote Sensing Links

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing

The Landsat Program


Tour of Canada from Space

Radarsat 2 - First Images

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